Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal Whether you’re remodeling, getting ready to sell or building a new home, curb appeal is important. It’s how appealing your home looks from the curb not only to interested buyers, but also to your neighbors, friends and of course you!

Other ideas for boosting your curb appeal.

Keep in mind that updating your door opens up other possibilities for boosting your curb appeal as well. If your remodeled entryway added sidelites or a double door, meaning that your overall configuration changed in the process, you might want to rearrange flower pots or furniture on your porch. You might also consider updating your outdoor lighting fixtures or mailbox to reflect the style of your decorative glass.

Whether you replace just the door, or update other elements of your home at the same time, your home will be beautifully refreshed. And if you do decide to sell your home later, the National Association of Realtors has listed improving curb appeal as one of the top five most valuable upgrades you can make. So however you look at it, you’re going to love your new curb appeal!

Craftsman Style

Showcasing the craft of building by hand, these homes emphasize the use of natural wood, stone and brick materials. Low pitched roof lines, tapered square columns and exposed rafters are typical of these “Arts and Crafts” beauties.

 Engineered All-Wood Stiles and Rails with Dowel Pinned Stile/Rail Joinery

Profile: Ovolo Sticking
Glass: 3/4″ Insulated Glazing

Engineered All-Wood Stiles and Rails with Dowel Pinned Stile/Rail Joinery

Panels: 3/4″ VG Flat Panel
Glass: 3/4″ Insulated Glazing

Craftsman Lite 2 Panel Shaker Flush-Glazed w/Craftsman 4 Lite 2Wx2H Simulated Divided Lites – Flat 1-1/8″ Glass

This style, known for its refined design and symmetry, preserves the classic style of homes from America’s history. Colonial homes usually have two or three stories, fireplaces and brick or wood facades.

Classic-Craft®Mahogany Collection™
Full Lite W/ Stile Lines w/Bella™ Glass

Full Lite W/ Stile Lines w/Avonlea® Glass

Fiber-Classic®Oak Collection™
Full Lite W/ Stile Lines w/Axis™ Glass


Modern-style homes fuse industrial concrete, vinyl and glass materials to stunning effect. Look for strong right angles, minimal box-like designs and asymmetrical exteriors.

Engineered All-Wood Stiles and Rails with Dowel Pinned Stile/Rail Joinery
Panels: 1-3/4″ Panels with Square Groove
Profile: Square Groove
Glass: 3/4″ Insulated Glazing

Full Lite Flush-Glazed w/Rainglass Contemporary Asymmetrical 10 Lite Simulated Divided Lites – Left – Flat 3-1/2″ Glass

Full Lite Flush-Glazed w/Chinchilla Colonial 3 Lite 1Wx3H Simulated Divided Lites – Flat 1-1/8″ Glass

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