3/8″ Bending Ply Sheets


3/8″ (AKA) wiggle wood

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Bender ply is perfect for curved window or door jambs, can also be used for curved wainscoting or wall paneling. Choose strips for us to cut it down to the correct with for you.

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1"x 96" Rip, 10"x96" Rip, 11"x96" Rip, 12"x96" Rip, 16" x 8', 2' x 8' sheet, 2"x96" Rip, 3"x96" Rip, 4' x 8' sheet, 4"x96" Rip, 5"x96" Rip, 6"x96" Rip, 7"x96" Rip, 8"x96" Rip, 9"x96" Rip


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